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What Solitaire can do for you?

The job market in India today could not have been better for a job seeker. There are more jobs out there to be taken, then seekers. Shortage of people is considered as the biggest threat to the booming knowledge-based industry.

However many professionals are either not able to find jobs that match their profile if they can find a job at all. Solitaire, with its team of experienced Career Consultants, can help you find the right job that meets your unique aspirations. We have developed a process to identify your strengths and match them to the best of opportunities. Get started to a great career today and best of luck from Team Solitaire!

You can submit your resume at careers@solitaire-group.in

Resume Writing Services

A team of professional resume writers is working with Solitaire HR Services offering a wide range of service writing resumes, resumes cover letters, careers resume for global professionals who want their resumes for specific job search. Contact us to check some resume sample


Trusted Quality
Our 9+years experience in HR, Recruitment and Resume Writing combined with thousands of resumes written/transformed – helps us bring deep expertise to Writing/Re-writing your resume 


Professional Format
Our format adheres to strong design and typography principles, resulting in maximum readability and a better first impression with the recruiter.

Personalized Attention
We have transformed resumes for people in 100+ unique roles in 50+ industries. We cater to your specific profile requirements through individual questionnaires, discussions, and keyword optimization to meet your specific career goal.


For More details you can call on 020 - 41240153 / 66200829

Solitaire HR Services

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